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Prints available A3 Size (approx. 297mm x 420mm).
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Brought the first sacred Peace Pipe to the Lakota Indian Nation. The sacred Peace Pipe was brought to the American Indians 2,000 years ago by White Buffalo Calf Woman.

As legend has it: She appeared to two warriors at that time. The warriors were out hunting buffalo when they saw a big body coming toward them. It was a pure white buffalo calf. As it came closer to them, it turned into a beautiful young Indian girl. One of the warriors had bad thoughts in his mind and when he stepped forward toward the Indian girl, a black cloud came over his body. Suddenly this warrior was left with no flesh or blood on his bones. The other warrior knelt and began to pray.

When he prayed, the Indian girl told him to go back to his people and tell them in four days she was going to bring a sacred bundle. The warrior did as he was told. He went back to his people and gathered all the Elders and the people in a circle and told them what she had instructed him to do. Sure enough, on the fourth day she came.

This painting describes our awakening Consciousness and how we are in the process of eliminating our fears and negativities.

The dark clouds of despair and illusion are dispersing and making way for the light to shine through.. A glimmer of Hope.. raising our awareness to become more conscious human beings!

The petals of the lotus flower which she rests on are open now. She doesn’t need to wait much longer, for her wings are new and unfolding.
This is our Rebirth into a new world.. A new way of thinking, doing and Being!

This image depicts the integration of Divine Intelligence with that of matter. The Infinite with the finite. Once again the world’s known Truths are made known again through the emergence of the Goddess archetype of Mercy, Wisdom and Love.

She fully aligns herself with the masculine order, represented by the vertical columns and she breathes into it…Soul, mercy, wisdom, tolerance and compassion.

She embodies the hidden, mystic, receptive feminine principle which awaits the energy of the overt, active, male principle. This means the weaving together of strength and vulnerability, passion and discipline, pragmatism and intuition, intellect and imagination, the masculine and the feminine, all conjoining as part of our essence and expression.

The Temple is a symbol of Spiritual striving and attainment, it reflects the Universe as a whole. Water is the symbol of the Soul and of the emotional nature. Here it symbolises the passing of the Age of Pisces, (mastering emotions) the emerging into the new Age of Aquarius.

Angelic Beings are assisting us towards the ideal, which is depicted on the pillars.

Original, hand-painted, pastel artwork available to by online - Astrological/Star Sign Series.
They would make a Unique Gift for yourself or someone special.
Each original piece is painted in colour pastels on Canson paper, approx.. 38cm x 28cm (15" x 11") in size.
Postage Included. Within Australia - $220 AUD and Outside Australia - $250 AUD.

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