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Spirit Portrait of Heath Ledger ... the story
Around late 2008 (the year Heath Ledger had passed), I was invited by Medium Anthony Grzelka to be part of a show in Perth, Western Australia, in which he and Scott Russell Hill (NZ Sensing Murder psychic) participated. It was my first time in front of an audience.

While the boys were entertaining the audience, I sat quietly on stage and drew one passed away spirit after the other, and all of a sudden, I had sensed the presence of the actor, Heath Ledger ... but doubt had crept in and I just ushered out the energy, continuing with drawing loved ones passed for audience members. Heath Ledger Portrait It was a few minutes later when Anthony began his demonstration of mental Mediumship. He suddenly stopped mid sentence and mentioned to the audience there was a very special guest from the spirit world come to join us and to pass on a message to some family members in the front of the audience. It was Heath Ledger!

Later in the break, I mentioned to Anthony I had almost drawn Heath only minutes before Anthony came on stage! “Oh Marie.. ” he said, “If only you hadn’t let doubt stop you.. you could have held it up when I was tuned into him!”. Well it certainly was a lesson learned. I mentally and humbly apologised to Heath and promised if the opportunity ever presented itself again, doubt would not get in the way and he would most definitely get drawn!

Two years later I was doing a show with Scott R. Hill in Armadale, W.A. It was here that Heath presented himself first in line! Finally he could get drawn and the drawing was passed on to a close friend of Heath’s family who happened to be in the audience.

Third time lucky.. and in the following year I was in Sydney doing a weekend workshop with Medium, Christine Morgan. The very night before the workshop I had the strong sensation of Heath’s presence and knew I had to draw him again. After the workshop was finished, I approached Christine and said that this drawing of Heath that I did in the hotel room, was to go to her and that she would know what to do with it!

A couple of years had passed but eventually I caught up with Christine and unbeknown to me at the time she had known members of the Heath Ledger family in Perth. Apparently the drawing went to one of the members in Heath’s family, (I think it was his niece). Heath was an artist himself and could draw and promised this sibling a portrait sketch of himself, which never came to pass due to his untimely passing. Until.. Christine came along and presented the drawing to the family, which I am sure Heath influenced me to do at the time... thus keeping his promise to his niece.

Interesting how Spirit works is it not?

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